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This is the ONLY system currently out there that benchmarks your progress and keeps you from getting "stuck” or losing motivation as you learn the bass, even if you only have a few minutes a day to practice.

With Players Path, you’ll beat “information overload”, get clear, concise goals, and feel more confident in your bass playing.

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If you're feeling frustrated,
it's not your fault.

Online music education platforms aren't delivering clear, measurable results. Most are like a buffet - choose what you want to work on today. That's great on day 1, but what happens when you want to see how far you've come?

There's no way for students to see clearly where they're going next (what their obvious next steps is), nor how to get there. What's more, there's no way for students to measure if their playing / performing skills are truly getting better. When you finish a course, it's like “did you enjoy this”? But there's no way to know for sure whether you actually made progress.


It's not just that you don't know how far you've come. Without an accountability check at the end of a lesson or level, studies show, you won't concentrate as well, or try as hard. Students are thrown into vast libraries of content, with no clear pathway or direction

It's the “more is better” approach. (And I've been guilty of it.) Instead of a personal trainer guiding you to a goal, every day is like your first day in the gym. You're overwhelmed by all the crazy machines, with zero idea what to work on. And it's no wonder:



Because producing content is easier to measure. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to learn.

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Many online music resources focus on getting the next cool tutor or releasing the next cool course… all which is fine. But that has to be coupled with a heavy focus on results. The only result most students should be focusing on is performance based.

You should measure your true success on your level of performance. Can you play… or not? Simple. And the deeper I investigated this, the more I realized - “This is HUGE, and nobody's talking about it.”

We're always bragging:

Over 100 hours of courses”

The biggest online course library”

Don't get me wrong, we're proud of the quality and variety of the courses in our membership. And we get super-positive comments from students. But there's a big difference between adequate and optimal. And we don't want to be merely adequate.

The sad truth is lots of bass players were washing out because of overwhelm, and lack of benchmarks on their progress. The saddest truth is when you've already put in years of work, only to put the bass down out of overwhelm and frustration.

2 years ago, we said no more.

That’s why we developed Players Path, which we released for the first time in May of 2020.

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The proven system to help you remain focused on playing the best bass of your life.

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Scott Devine

Players Path is a performance-based grading system that will help propel your playing from the level you are today, to the level you always wanted to be.

It consists of 9 levels, each with multiple performance pieces. Each piece will teach you specific techniques and concepts using detailed, in-depth video tutorials.

You can also earn points and badges throughout the learning process to keep you motivated and accountable.


  • 01 Beginner

    Level 01

    You’ve just started playing the bass and excited to get better at your new craft

  • 02

    Level 02

    You've begun to feel comfortable with the bass and feel confident playing simple bass lines

  • 03

    Level 03

    You’ve read some tabs and like to play along with some of your favorite tunes

  • 04 Intermediate

    Level 04

    You play often and when you do play, you can groove along pretty comfortably

  • 05

    Level 05

    You practice daily and feel right at home adding new skills to your improving technique

  • 06

    Level 06

    Learning new tracks is getting much easier and you've introduced techniques like slapping into your skillset

  • 07 Advanced

    Level 07

    You can listen to many tracks and play along by heart or by ear. You can also improvise a bass line or solo passage

  • 08

    Level 08

    You can sight-read tabs or notation and play scales and modes comfortably

  • 09

    Level 09

    You’ve mastered scales, reading, odd time signatures, and more. You're ready for any musical challenge

Players path is very helpful getting to play with other instruments and having to stay on beat. The speed adjustment is very helpful, starting at a slower speed a building up to full speed. Also reading the music helps.

Brad Morse

PIt has definitely given me things to practice that are more fun than just playing scales or exercises. I like it

Jeff Smith

[It’s made me] more confident to tackle different styles and [more] able to apply the rhythms to pieces [oh which] I did not do especially well previously.

Martin Hunt

The songs and bass parts are enough of a challenge to make you rethink your practice routine to work on the weaknesses in your playing.. It helped me to focus on the “song form “ and not just play the part.

Michael Sereno

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Blueprint FOR

You’ll only find a system like this at a physical music school like Berklee, but we’re the first to bring this kind of education online.

Here’s what the Players Path guarantees to provide:

  • 01


    We’ll direct you to the course likely to have the most impact for your level. You get clear, concise goals and a structured way to achieve them.

  • 02


    We’ll give you confidence you’re making progress, with a feeling of control over your playing and your musical development.

  • 03


    We’ll provide accountability to keep you motivated and dedicated. What’s more, we’ve “gamified” things, with points and badges to keep it fun.

  • 04


    Our levels don’t stop at Advanced Beginner or Intermediate. They go as far up as you need. (I have trouble playing the exercises for level 9.)

Scott Devine Profile

My promise to you

If you follow this system from start to finish, you will become a high-level bassist and have fun getting there.

Scott Devine


What SBL Members are saying about Players Path

“Every time I start a new level I think “damn I can’t play these songs”, but as you can see by following the lessons and woodshedding I am moving along and play more precisely than ever.”
Daniel Patterson

“Players Path excels at…acquiring genre/style-related technique. It gives me the opportunity to work on stuff differing from my usual choice of style.”
Andrej von Sallwitz

"One of the great things about Players Path is the details of Scott’s lessons on the exercises - like left hand technique or relaxing and not overplaying etc. Those things make you better at playing everything; not just one exercise.”
Edwin Miller


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Is this a new standalone product I need to pay extra for?
No! Players Path is part of the SBL Membership. If you’re already a member, you’ll get it automatically. (Though now’s an amazing time to upgrade to an annual membership and save $50-a-year for life.)

If you’re not already a member, you can try it for FREE for 14 days, and still get $50 off our annual membership when you make your first payment.
How many levels are there in Players Path?
Players Path has 9 levels. The first is accessible to beginners, and the last gave *me* trouble to play.

We believe if you successfully complete all 9 levels, you’ll undergo a transformation in your bass playing.
What if I’m already an [intermediate/advanced] bassist?
Nope. There are self-assessments, so you can determine your level and skip right to the level that’s most helpful to you.
What if I just want to get into the Membership and go “ala carte”?
You do not have to use Players Path. You can take any course you want, and utilize any of the other amazing features of the Membership, from the campus to the Bass Hangs.Just like a personal trainer (but one who costs NOTHING beyond your usual gym dues), Players Path is there for you whenever you need it.
What if I join, then realize I don’t have the time I thought to put into it?
You’ve got 30 days to get your money back, no-questions-asked.

the cost?

Education can be expensive. But mistakes and wasted time is far more costly.

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Scott Devine

"Students consistently overestimate how much they can achieve in one week… but drastically underestimate how much they can achieve within a year with the right guidance and support.”

Scott Devine Head Teacher

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